The Basics

Clarendon Children’s Centre is licensed by the Department of Education and Training to provide education and care to the children who attend our program. We have a range of policies that ensure the centre is always operating according to the National Law and Regulations for Education and Care Services. Here you will find a snapshot of some of our policies that guide our practice. Current families have access to a more detailed and comprehensive list of policies on our blog. We encourage families to develop, contribute and review policies as needed as one of the many ways to be involved in Centre life.


Once your child is enrolled and the hours of attendance have been established, it is important that you deliver and collect your child at the times you have agreed each day. Staff are rostered in a way that ensures a proper staff/child ratio at every hour of the day. If children start earlier or stay later than they have been enrolled for we may find ourselves understaffed which means extra pressure for us and less attention for your children.

Parents are required to notify the Centre if they are unable to collect their children at the normal time for any reason. The Centre has a policy which staff follow if children have not been collected by 6:20pm.

Normal fees are payable at all times including public holidays (except Christmas & New Year holidays) and times when children are absent due to sickness, or any other reason, unless approved arrangements are made in advance with the Centre Co-ordinator. When the Co-ordinator has been notified of a child’s absence at least 2 weeks in advance, a holding fee (50% of the normal weekly fee) may be charged instead of the full fee. Holding fees are available for absences of whole weeks (not single days) for up to 4 weeks in any calendar year.

Four weeks’ notice is required of any reduction to the number of days of attendance or if your child’s place at the Centre is being vacated entirely.


From time-to-time excursions away from the Centre may be planned for the children. This can include trips or regular walks within the community. Prior to each excursion, parents will be given full details of the purpose of the excursion, expected times of departure and return, proposed mode of transport and the staff who will be in attendance. Parents may be asked to join in so that adult/child ratios are appropriate for the circumstances. Written parental permission is required before any child may be taken out of the Centre on an excursion.


Meal times and the preparation of food are seen as valuable social and learning experiences and are consequently treated with importance at Clarendon Children’s Centre. Our Cook plans menus based on children’s nutritional needs and interests. This role is integral to our program. The Cook spends time working with children in the rooms and children in the 3-5 year age group often help to prepare their own meals by cutting up fruit, making biscuits, etc.

We are very conscious of the nutritional value of wholegrain foods and fresh fruit and vegetables and incorporate these, with no added salt or sugar, in the children’s diet.

During the day, children are provided with a morning tea of fresh fruit, toast or muffins and milk, a substantial two-course lunch and afternoon tea of fruit, biscuits and cheese, scones or other home-style foods. If your child starts early please let the staff know if he/she has missed out on breakfast and an early snack will be arranged. A snack is also available for those going home late.

A weekly menu is placed on the Parents Notice Board on Monday mornings and is also available via the Centre’s blog. This allows you to see what your child will be eating; it also helps parents not to repeat the same foods for dinner.

Please let us know if your child is allergic to any particular type of food and we’ll make sure it’s avoided.


We encourage children to come dressed ‘ready to play and learn’.  Clothes that allow children to be involved in all elements of the program are important.  For example; sturdy shoes for climbing and running, hats and long sleeves for summer, coats for winter.  Please bring spare clothes in a bag with your child’s name clearly marked on them. We have a lost property box if an article of clothing is lost.


The wellbeing of the children is the highest priority at Clarendon Children’s Centre.

Parents and educators communicate effectively to ensure that children receive the best possible care and treatment in the event of illness. Full details of the children’s medical history and current health are recorded on the enrolment form and the Centre is updated of any medical conditions that develop thereafter. Parents should always inform staff when their child is unwell so that proper attention can be given to his/her needs during the day.

The Centre is vigilant about protecting children from the sun and provides sunscreen, which staff apply before children go outside. Children are required to wear hats outdoors in the summer months – Centre sunhats can be purchased, if you wish.

If your child becomes ill while at the Centre you will be asked to collect them as soon as possible and to consult a doctor before returning to the Centre.

In accordance with the Centre’s policy a notice is placed near the sign-in sheets to inform all parents of the occurrence of an infectious disease, the nature of the illness and the date that the most recently affected child last attended the Centre.

Children should be kept away if they are unwell. If your child suffers from vomiting, diarrhoea or fever overnight pleaser keep them home the next day. Conjunctivitis and cold sores are highly contagious and children must be kept away until they are healed. If your child develops a rash please see a doctor and have them cleared as non-infectious before returning to the Centre.

The educator team will be happy to assist with administering prescribed medication with clear written direction during Centre hours. Parents must advise educators fully about the need for and use of preventative medication for chronic disorders (for example, asthma and epilepsy) and a communication and action plan will be developed.

All educators hold current First Aid Certificates. Details of all known accidents and any treatment given at the Centre will be recorded and a copy given to the parents. Parents will be notified as soon as possible should any serious accident occur. In the event of an emergency an ambulance will be called and parents will be liable for any costs incurred.

The Centre has a number of comprehensive policies that provide detailed guidance with regard to child health and safety, and emergency procedures.

Interactions with Children

Children are encouraged to share their needs, wants and feelings openly, building on trusting and responsive relationships. Educators spend focused and unrushed time with all children, getting to know them and becoming familiar with each child’s needs and interaction style. Educators tailor their own responses and interact with children in a way that is comfortable and engaging – listening to them and showing they are heard by following through or behaving in a way that acknowledges their ideas and feelings.

Children need positive influences in order to thrive in all areas of development and, therefore, the Centre policy emphasises maintaining a high level of trust, respect, self-worth and a sense of belonging for all children in our care and on never lowering a child’s self-esteem.

Clarendon Children’s Centre places great importance on taking a positive and rights-based approach to guiding children’s behaviour while maintaining a high level of trust, respect, self-worth and a sense of belonging for children. This is encouraged using a calm, understanding and consistent approach to behaviour guidance. Children are encouraged to advocate for themselves, and others, in fair and reasonable ways while developing empathetic, respectful and inclusive relationships with their educators and with each other.