Clarendon Children’s Centre Receives ‘Excellent’ Rating

By September 3, 2015The Centre

I felt so very proud of my fabulous team at Clarendon Children’s Centre when we got the news this week that ACECQA has awarded us the rating of “Excellent”. I had been quietly optimistic, because I felt that we had been able to make a very strong application but we had also been informed that only 35% of applications for the “Excellent” rating are successful – so we knew that it wasn’t going to be easy.

News has traveled fast, and we have been very touched by the messages of congratulations from members of our community both past and present – there is a great sense of shared ownership which speaks to many years of sustained commitment, passion, enthusiasm, collaboration and hard work! We have had messages from past educators and also colleagues from other service; from current families and from families whose children attended 15 years ago.

For educators, the “Excellent” rating is a great validation of their professionalism and for parents it confirms what they already knew in their hearts – that their children are benefiting from really high quality education and care at CCC.

To check us out on the ACECQA website, click here!

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  • Anne Dight says:

    Hello Linda
    Congratulations to you and the team for being recognised as a Centre of Excellence.
    As a recent ‘newie’ to the team, I am very proud to work in a centre that continuously seeks to inspire, challenge and motivate children, educators and families.

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